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  4. fuckyeah1990s:

    The story of the kid who accidentally swung over the bar and became inside out boy.

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  5. Afternoon delight getting Doug with @morgan_murphy & Todd Glass. Re gram’d from MM #gettingdoug http://ift.tt/SS9ZYZ


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  9. 033 - Todd, Pizza, Music

    New episode up on our iTunes page!

    It’s February, and we here at Das Process hope you’re sticking with those New Years resolutions! In this episode, Dan and Colin take over and order a pizza while Mack is filming for a show (but we get a telephone update with him all the way from Hawaii). Our guests include the funny Todd Molay, and live acoustic musical numbers by Dave of Fireworks and Sex! Dan & Colin recently joined forces with Todd for the new live comedy show “First Timer’s Club” at 10pm every 2nd Thursday each month at The Clubhouse in LA.


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